Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ring Tabs Collection 2011

This was year 2010 ring tabs poster. How about 2011? Yea! Ring Tabs Collection project still going on! This year we are start collecting ring tabs during the month of March until May! If you have any Ring Tabs, please collect it and give to us. We will collect from you!
This is the official poster for this year! This year our theme is Ring Tabs Collection Center which meant we collected all ring tabs and donate to charity societies! So start to collect now and pass it to us by 20th May 2011!
After you drink the canned drinks, kindly remove the ring tabs and keep it. After you collected a number of ring tabs, just contact us and we will go and collect from you!

For further information, you can contact
- Our president Leo Lester 0164696486

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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