Friday, March 2, 2012

Just another Leo October

October is a busy month for us Chung Ling-ians because of exams. Not much events were held this months as Leos were sitting for exams. But we still try to give our best efforts in being a Leo and still had a great time doing it!

On 29th October, we Chung Ling Leos organized a visit to Little Sisters of Poor from 9.00am till 11.00am. It was a simple and meaningful visit there. We cleaned the rooms and decorated the Christmas tree for the home.We also provided some donations for them to contribute. The sister in charge there commented that the people there didn't actually want any materialistic things, rather they just want some young company to talk to. We promised that we will be organizing more visits soon. She also said that what they needed was more organic food oil and Milo Chocolate Malt Formulas as these were more suitable for the old folks there and a bit more costly. Leos from our club get the chance to serve the community and learn to be a better Leo. The OC for this community services project is myself, Leo Ong Sheng Xun. This visit is joined by DC Lion William Lim and RCC Lion Ong Lai Peng. Our sponsoring Lions Club President, Lion Onnie Goh and Club Advisor, Lion Jimmy Ang also came to join us on the visit. Our sister club, Leo Club of CDK also showed their support by attending this visit.

On that very same day, we also had representatives attend the Leo Wheel To Run to show our never ending support. It was a project organized by Leo Club of Sam Tet and Leo Club of Ave Maria Convent to raise public awareness about the disadvantages of using a wheelchair. Our club treasurer, Leo Seng Teik Yaw attended the project along with our District President Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng. A very loud Roar to them!

The next day, we also attended the Cleaning Gurney 2011 event. This community service project was organized each year by the Government of Penang. We helped to clean the beach which is much polluted and we also get to work with various citizens of Penang to clean the beach. Together, we united and fulfilled the tagline of the day -
"Together We Team, Together We Clean!"

The Peace Poster Contest organized by the Lions Clubs International was a huge success. The event was organized on the same day with the 4 in 1 Health Awareness Campaign. And you can be sure that we were sure to be present in both events! Our sponsoring Lions Club, Lions Club of Penang (Host) organized this health services project, 4 in 1 Health Awareness Campaign 四合一健康醒觉运动 to raise public health awareness by giving free eyes check-up and health consultation. We also had blood donation on that day to collect blood for hospitals around Penang.

Well that’s it for October.. Many thanks for staying tuned for more next time! =)

Serve with LOVE, Make it SIMPLE

Thursday, December 1, 2011

September Serving With Love

Moving on to September, plenty more of updates for the events for this month too! On the 1st of September, we traveled all the way down to Ipoh for a Joint Community Service Project with Leo Club of AMC and Leo Club of Peiyuan for a visit to the Loyal Handicapped & Disabled Home Association at Silibin, Perak with the theme of C.A.R.E-ing (Caring About Relationship Efficiency). Through this meaningful visit, we get to understand the life of the unfortunate. Together with Leo Club of AMC and Leo Club of Peiyuan, we donated some rice and daily products to the centre.

The Leo Club of Chung Ling High School also attended the Leo Club of Berjaya University College of Hospitality Formation Day on the 10th September 2011. It was an official ceremony whereby all the Leo members of that club were initiated and the Board of Directors of the club were installed. The Formation Ceremony is a must for the new Leo Club in order to be considered as officially formed and recognised. The founder of Berjaya UCH’s Leo Club Metro, Teoh Chia Chia who is also the president of the club made up her mind to form a Leo Club in Berjaya UCH when she decided to continue her Leo journey here. Chia Chia who was an active Leo member since she was in her secondary school wish to spreads the Leo Spirit to others through this club. We were happy to attend this wonderful event.

On the 11th of September, the Leo Club of Chung Ling High School from District 308B2 Malaysia, organized a joint community service project with Leo Club of Sunway Metro (O). It was a simple and lovely event to distribute goodies and mooncakes to the orphans at AGATHIANS Home in Petaling Jaya. Special guests from Singapore including Lions from Lions Club of Singapore Sembawang and Neesoon, DC for Leo Clubs Lion Charlie Chua from Singapore and Zone Chairperson Lion Billy Moo attended too, along with other Lions from District 308A1. On that day, we gave away some stationery, T-shirts, mooncakes and donations. It was really fun celebrating the Mooncake Festival at this home!

On the 17th of September, some 30 enthusiastic Leos from our club successfully completed a school service project which was named, "Gotta Go Green". Our aim was to make the school compound cleaner and greener for our students. Our sister club, Leo Club of Penang (City) and our Regional Coordinator for Penang (Region 1), Leo Stanley Saw also helped us on that day.

18th of September, we also helped out the FoYi Fundraiser at PISA, Penang. It was organized to raise funds for the dialysis center. We helped out in organizing the tables and chairs and also helped the registration of the children singing competition held on that day.

On the 24th of September, the BODs of Leo Club Chung Ling High School attended the District 308 B2 Leo Cabinet Installation where all the Leo Cabinets were installed. It was an auspicious event and our Club’s Key Officers even gave an interesting performance of their own. Many clubs from other states also attended the function. You may browse more of the installation’s photos via our Facebook account, ChungLing Leo. The day after, which was the 25th, members were invited to a friendly badminton match by the Leo Cabinet Officers. We had a great time and had the chance to build friendship with them.

Group photo with sister club, Leo Club of Penang (City) and RCC Ong Lai Peng.

Serve with LOVE, Make it SIMPLE

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

August Updates 2011

Yet another amazing month for us Chung Ling Leos, as is August. We had planned and organized many activities for the month and had plenty of join projects. First off, we have the Region 1 School for Key Officers which was held on the 31st of July. Many members from different clubs joined in the School to become a better leader. They have learnt many things there.

DC William Lim, DP Ch’ngKok Sheng and our club president Leo Ng Yu Jun

Club President Leo Ng Yu Jun

Our club also attended the Penang Metropolitan Omega Formation Day on the August 6th. It was a memorable and joyous day as the Penang Metropolitan Omega Leo Clubs was formed. Everybody wore their best smiles for the group photos.

Group Photo of the Formation Day

Then on the seventh of August, which was just one day after the Formation Day, we Chung Ling Leos attended the District 308B2 YE Camp to interact with the other Leos from other countries. We hope the bonds that have been created there would last for a long time.

Group Photo of the 308B2 YE Camp

Then, on the 20th of August, the Leo Club of Chung Ling High had a community service project held at Jubilee Home For the Aged where we Leos helped out cleaning the senior citizen’s bed and compound, we also fed them breakfast and had some chatting with them to get to know them and understand them better. Our DC Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng also attended this meaningful event.

Leo Chew Kean Yean cleaning the senior citizen’s bed

Leo Derek and Leo Ng Yu Jun wiping the windows of the Home.

DP Ch’ng Kok Sheng feeding and having a chat with a senior citizen

Club President Leo Ng Yu Jun feeding and chatting with the senior citizen

27th August – We had a joint activity at school with the Chung Ling Action Group where we had most of the tables repainted so that the classroom would look neater and nicer. We all had a good time during this event and we would like to thank the school for supplying us the paint.

On the 28th of August, the Club attended the Perak Joint Installation of our fellow Leo Clubs in Perak. We wanted to give our moral support to our fellow Leos.

Group photo with Leo Club of AMC

Group photo with Leo Club of Samtet

After that we had our own Installation and Initiation on the 30th of August. The Region 1 Joint Initiation and Installation was held in the school hall of Chung Ling High School where the ongoing BODs stepped down and formally handed over power to the incoming BODs. The BODs were also briefed of their duties and pledged themselves to serve. The new members were initiated as well. After the installation, we also had a fellowship dinner with the Leos of Ipoh Sam Tet.

Group photo with Lions Club of Penang (Host), Leo Club of Sam Tet and RCC Ong Lai Peng.

Installation Ceremony of our club President

On the 31st of August, the Chung Ling Leos decided to have a visit to the Shan’s Children Home to have a Merdeka Celebration with them. Our fellow Leos from our sister club Leo Club of Sam Tet Ipoh also joined in the visit. All in all, the children were thrilled and happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. That’s all for August, folks! Stay tuned! Roar!

Serve with LOVE, Make it SIMPLE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

July Chung Ling Leo MAD-ness!

Before shooting off, please accept our sincere apologies for our late blog post. : ) There will be more coming right up!

July has been yet another productive month for us Leos, as a lot of service activities were held. Let's ROAR to that! For starters, our club attended the Region 3 Leo Club Joint Installation and Club Anniversary dinner! It was held in Hua Tang Restaurant, Alor Setar, Kedah. The main objective was to strengthen our relationship with our fellow Leos in Region 3. Pictures, pictures, pictures!


Group photo!!

One day later, on 9th July, we had two consecutive activities in one day! In the morning, we had an environmental 3R Project around the Taman Free School area. This activity is meant to help gather up the recyclable items from the residents and donate the money earned to local old folks' homes and orphanages. We all had a very great time collecting these items and everyone chipped in their energy to help around, we could see sweat on almost everyone!
Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

Just look at the sheer number of people who attended this meaningful event!

Working hard!

Hard work done, look at our loot!

Distributing the items into categories...

Then in the afternoon, members met up for a Durian Party with Kids! Everyone was there to show our passion for the orphans and to show them that the world cares for them! We also wanted to interact with them and to understand them better. It was held in Children Protection Society. Pictures down below.

What's a durian party without durians?

Having fun with the kids after the durian feast!


In addition to that, we as Chung Ling Leos had turned up to help out in the International School Camp on 15th July. Many foreign students arrived from other countries and had a fun time with us. Roar to that!

Our IPP is also helpin' out!

Last but not least, our AGM which took place on 20th of July, where our fiscal year 2010/2011 committees stepped down, and the fiscal year 2011/2012 committees was announced their respective posts. It was held in our school hall, where a lot of our Leo Members turned up.
This is the new committee list:
2011-2012 KEY OFFICERS
Leo Christopher Ng

1st Vice President
Leo Nicholas Oh

2nd Vice President
Leo Lim Jian Hong

Leo Tan Kuok Xuen

Assistant Secretary
Leo Tjoek Lim Shang Yong

Leo Seng Teik Yaw

Assistant Treasurer
Leo Chuah Wei Qin

School Service Director
Leo Lo Zhen Hao

Environmental Service Director
Leo Chan Wei Ping

Health Services Director
Leo Ng Zhan Herr

Public Relation Director
Leo Denzel Chong

Fundraising Director
Leo Samson Goh

Social/Community Services Director
Leo Fok De Quan

Information Technology Director
Leo Ong Sheng Xun

Membership Director
Leo Ng Wei Xin

Discipline Director
Leo Eldwin Tang

Human Resource Director
Leo Lim Kai Xern

Asst. Human Resource Directors
Leo Lee Khang Lin (Form 5)
Leo Edwin Low (Form 4)
Leo Ryan Lim (Form 3)
Leo Lim Zhi Wen (Form 2)

Leo Teh Boon Hong
Leo Desmond Cheah

That's all for July, people! Rawr!!

Serve with LOVE, Make it SIMPLE