Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ECO Summit 2011 (Ipoh)

ECO Summit was held on 14th and 15th March 2011 at Fairpark Hotel, Ipoh. Our Leos including President Leo Lester, 2nd Vice President Leo Christopher Ng, Assistant Treasurer Leo Nicholas Oh and Project Planning Director Leo Ivan Lim were there to M.A.D in this project!

What they did there is really M.A.D (Making A Difference). This project is organized by Leo Club of Poi Lam High School and fully supported by DC Lion Alan Thoo! So we are taking the baby steps to Make A Difference on our mother nature!
M.A.D on Recycling!
M.A.D on Team Building!

M.A.D on Paper Making!

M.A.D on Go Green Design!M.A.D on Signing ECO Summit MoU!

M.A.D on ECO Costumes!

M.A.D on exchanging plastic bags to recycle bags!
M.A.D on distributing recycle bags!
M.A.D on newspaper write up!
With some baby steps, we could actually making a difference to our mother nature. Try not to use plastic bags, polystyrene while shopping or dining. Save the mother earth with the steps start from 3R, Reuse . Recycle . Reduce! Work together GO GREEN!

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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