Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"1 Green Malaysia" Designing Competition Review

Hi members...
Here is our updates about the recent joint project that carried by our sister clubs Leo Club of Penang City, Leo Club of CDK together with us. On 29th of August, we were having a joint project which themed "1 Green Malaysia" Designing Competition at Penang Times Square.

This event was one part of the Youth Jam 10 and also the M.A.D project by us! So did you saw them working there while you attended the Youth Jam event? Here are some updates of photos:
1 Green Malaysia was a project which organized by Penang City and jointly organized by Leo Club of Chung Ling and CDK! The main purpose of having this event is to encourage the nations to think about our country Malaysia and make it clean and green!
The participants used the recycle items to make the designing contest and their creativity were important to make the items look nice!
1st DVP Ch'ng Kok Sheng was giving the speech on this event and the organizing chairperson Leo Teoh Him Keat was speech on it and proud to see that many people attended this event and shows the support on Go Green Malaysia!
Our president Leo Lester was joining too!
Finally, there are the Leo Club Penang City (Organizer) group photos. Let us Make A Difference! We are Stronger Than Before! ROAR!!!

Photos are credited from Leo Him Keat, Lion Ong, Tsu Wen

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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