Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leo Club George Town Mutiara Induction, Installation, Anniversary

Hello Leos,
Here to inform you, Leo Club of George Town Mutiara(OMEGA) will have their club induction, installation and anniversary at cinema. Yes you are not mistaken, it's CINEMA! I think this will be a great and special Installation for every LEOs. For your information, few years ago we also had our Region 1 Installation at cinema before.
Leo Club GTM by GenYong.
So now Leo Club of George Town Mutiara President Leo Kim Kek Teong had given us 10 movie tickets. The movie details are as shown below:

Date : 04th July 2010
Time : 10.00pm-11.30pm (Installation)
11.30pm-2.00pm (Movie)
Venue : Cathay Cineplex, Prangin Mall
Movie : Toy Story 3
Fees : RM20 (inclusive pop corn, drinks, charity movie tickets for orphans)
Leo Club GTM by GenYong.
Leo Club GTM by GenYong.
We can take this as a charity functions which they really invited those orphans to come and watch a movie with us! From that event we can know each other well within alphas and omegas in Penang. So hopefully you guys can support it and get the tickets from

Yong Yik Fong (Incoming Treasurer) 4SB3

Thank you.

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