Wednesday, November 30, 2011

August Updates 2011

Yet another amazing month for us Chung Ling Leos, as is August. We had planned and organized many activities for the month and had plenty of join projects. First off, we have the Region 1 School for Key Officers which was held on the 31st of July. Many members from different clubs joined in the School to become a better leader. They have learnt many things there.

DC William Lim, DP Ch’ngKok Sheng and our club president Leo Ng Yu Jun

Club President Leo Ng Yu Jun

Our club also attended the Penang Metropolitan Omega Formation Day on the August 6th. It was a memorable and joyous day as the Penang Metropolitan Omega Leo Clubs was formed. Everybody wore their best smiles for the group photos.

Group Photo of the Formation Day

Then on the seventh of August, which was just one day after the Formation Day, we Chung Ling Leos attended the District 308B2 YE Camp to interact with the other Leos from other countries. We hope the bonds that have been created there would last for a long time.

Group Photo of the 308B2 YE Camp

Then, on the 20th of August, the Leo Club of Chung Ling High had a community service project held at Jubilee Home For the Aged where we Leos helped out cleaning the senior citizen’s bed and compound, we also fed them breakfast and had some chatting with them to get to know them and understand them better. Our DC Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng also attended this meaningful event.

Leo Chew Kean Yean cleaning the senior citizen’s bed

Leo Derek and Leo Ng Yu Jun wiping the windows of the Home.

DP Ch’ng Kok Sheng feeding and having a chat with a senior citizen

Club President Leo Ng Yu Jun feeding and chatting with the senior citizen

27th August – We had a joint activity at school with the Chung Ling Action Group where we had most of the tables repainted so that the classroom would look neater and nicer. We all had a good time during this event and we would like to thank the school for supplying us the paint.

On the 28th of August, the Club attended the Perak Joint Installation of our fellow Leo Clubs in Perak. We wanted to give our moral support to our fellow Leos.

Group photo with Leo Club of AMC

Group photo with Leo Club of Samtet

After that we had our own Installation and Initiation on the 30th of August. The Region 1 Joint Initiation and Installation was held in the school hall of Chung Ling High School where the ongoing BODs stepped down and formally handed over power to the incoming BODs. The BODs were also briefed of their duties and pledged themselves to serve. The new members were initiated as well. After the installation, we also had a fellowship dinner with the Leos of Ipoh Sam Tet.

Group photo with Lions Club of Penang (Host), Leo Club of Sam Tet and RCC Ong Lai Peng.

Installation Ceremony of our club President

On the 31st of August, the Chung Ling Leos decided to have a visit to the Shan’s Children Home to have a Merdeka Celebration with them. Our fellow Leos from our sister club Leo Club of Sam Tet Ipoh also joined in the visit. All in all, the children were thrilled and happy and everyone enjoyed themselves. That’s all for August, folks! Stay tuned! Roar!

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