Monday, January 31, 2011

Members Registration Day 2011

A great news here to share out with all members! We had recruited nearly 300 members in this year!! We had break the record of the club members amount! Congratulations to all Board Of Directors and thanks for your hard work! Teamwork is a way to gain achievements!! Let see how we attracted people!
Two pieces of big streamers showing everyone who we are and what we are doing! You can get our facebook link and blogger link as well from the banner! Of course the word of ROAR should be there!
Wow... Our 2nd Vice President Leo Christopher Ng with our Assist. Treasurer Leo Nicholas Oh were posing the streamers to our camera. Really a nice screenshot! Thanks for them and it was really attracted lots of students to visit!
There was quite a number of afternoon session new members! It was a good news to us for managing the future leaders! ROAR.
As well we take up the membership list and proof that we are really recruited so many leo members! ROAR! 300 members is not an easy job to gain! Let's clap on yourself! Chung Ling Leos ROAR!!
Our president was so happy and posing on the camera! This year we did it! We success! ROAR. So to all members, welcome you to join Leo Club... for your information Leo Club will be really fun and nice to join those activities.

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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