Friday, November 19, 2010

4th Fresh Clean Look School Service Project Review

Last month 18th October 2010, we had done the 4th Fresh Clean Look School Service Project at school aquarium site together with Aquarium Club members. For the year end is coming so we planned to keep the site become more clean and tidy a bit on those plants. Clearing the surrounding of the fish pond and we really had fun on the fish.
Before we start the cleaning activities, we were looking at the fish pond and waiting for teacher's instruction and she guided us on the cleaning process.
Then we followed the teacher's instructions. First we clean the behind part of the fish pond which clear those ferns and grass around the aquarium site. Our president Leo Lester was lead us to do the work! ROAR.
After clearing the aquarium site surround, we proceed to clear the surrounding of the fish pond. First we clear the plants on the rock of the pond. Next we cut the plants that surrounded the fish pond.
After clearing everything, we tried to touch up those things and picked up everything that left behind while clearing the surrounding. We packed every excess plants that cut by us into trash bags and take to the rubbish bin.
After our hard work, the fish pond turn more clean and clear! From the teacher, actually we need to maintain the fish pond at least half a year unless the plants will make the whole surrounding turns like a jungle.
We had the group photo together after our work done! ROAR!! We had done the 4th Fresh Clean Look School Service Project since July. Upcoming we will having the 5th and the 6th on this year end!

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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