Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fresh Clean Look EXTRA School Service Project Review

Well done Chung Ling Leos! We had done the good job for Fresh Clean Look School Service Project. This October we had done 2 Fresh Clean Look School Service Project! The 1st one was the cleaning drains service to prevent dengue diseases and 2nd one was the fish pond surrounding clean up! These 2 projects we had done it well! Good job Leos and thanks for your attendance.
We were cleaning the blocked drains in front of School Koperasi shop and along the gym room. We found that the gradient of the drain was different and the soil stuck on the drain were the facts causing the blockage of drains. We tried to cleaned up the soil in drains and make the water dried up.
Besides that, we also cleaned the drain which is dried but full of the soil to prevent the flood while the big rain come.
We also cleaned up the dried leaves and rubbishes from the drains and make sure there are not blockages on the drain.
We were cleaning the drains at the behind of school compound which contain a lot of dried leaves. The deep drain and the full of rubbishes.
After the overall cleaning, we did a group photo with all the members that participate on this project! As now we had done 4 school service projects! Well done Chung Ling Leos and up next we will come to the Aquarium Fish Pond for the helping of cleaning the surrounding of it. Stay tuned!

Treasurer 2010-2011
Leo Club of Chung Ling High School

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