Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Badges on sales!

Hello everybody, we were making these badges for LEO Forum which happened on the mid term holidays. Since there are still left much, so we decide to sell it to our members or other clubs members! Our badges are variety in colours and you might collect them all.

- I Pledge to be LEO (4 colours) each RM 2.00
- Follow Me Go Green (3 colours) each RM 2.00
- I Love LEO YONG SENG each RM 4.00
- I Love LEO LESTER each RM 4.00
- Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Board Of Directors each RM 4.00

If you are LEO members in Chung Ling High School. You can email me on or contact me on 0164822542. If you would like to find me in school, straightly proceed to my class or find me in Koperasi from Monday to Friday 10.10am-11.10am! Thanks.

For other clubs LEO members, if you are interested. Facebook me or email me as well! I will send to you as soon as possible! Thanks

GenYong Yik Fong
2010-2011 Treasurer


Anthony said...

Roar , Roar , Roar ,
I 'm Leo from District 308-A2 ,
Can i purchase your Badges ?

LEO Club of CLHS said...

Hi Anthony, sorry for late reply! Anyway, sure you can purchase it. So how much quantity you need? Let me know then I will pack it up then send to you...

Is it okay? Thanks for visiting and purchasing ya... Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I'm Leo from District 308-A2 Sarawak. The badges still available ? If available, I want purchase all of the badges !! :) Please reply me or contact me ASAP..
My contact number: 013-7113344

Anonymous said...

and my name is Mah Sii Peng :)