Tuesday, January 19, 2010


To All Lions, Leos, Members, Committee & Everyone,

It been a terrible and shocking month for us, You see it on the News, Tv & Any other source, Our President Jason Ch'ng had left us to another dimension. The Dragon Boat Capsized & Jason was involved in it.

Other Victims Included our school teacher Mr Chin, Our members Leo Brendon & Leo Yi Zhang. Even thought we are not close together, we are still here to say goodbye & wish a safe journey for you guys. We hope you guys are Rest In Peace.

As for the other 2 victims, Yong Xiang & Zi Jun. You had our condolence from lions, leos, schoolmates & the public. May your soul rest in peace.

Jason, I know this is hard for us but we're trying our best. Don't worry, I'll try to handle things. Yong Seng will be the acting President. We're pulling through somehow. You'll be watching us, right?

Best Wishes,


KOKahKOK said...

Leo Club of Penang (City) will give our helping hands too to complete his mission his wish ...

Jason and the rest...RIP

faye said...

everyone..be tough~

HKTEOH said...

Dear all BODs,
Let us complete their tasks together and make all of it to be success. Believe that they are looking at us at somewhere else. They will always be with us to support us. Leo Club of Penang(City) will be here to give our helping hands anytime. LEOs, be strong and don't make them dissapointed. ROAR~!!!

RIP to Late LEOs, President Jason Ch'ng, Members Brendon Yeoh & Goh Yi Zhang

Anonymous said...

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