Monday, December 28, 2009

December Summaries

There were a lot of activities held during the last month of the year, December.

4-6 Dec 2009 | District Leo Camp
Our Committee had taken part as an Organizing Committee & Our member who participated this camp is having fun and learn a lot from the camp through the Games, Seminar, Workshop & Midnight Emergency Call!
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7 Dec 2009 | Picnic With Ramakrisnan Kids
We attended this Project which was actually organized by our Senior Leo Kent Ng who committed himself in the Leo Club of Penang (City). The Purpose of this project is to offer a chance to taste our effort of Preparing the temptation of Local Penang Food & to build rapport among All Leos from different Region.
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9 Dec 2009 | Community Service Project : Cleaning Up Little Sister of The Poor
Leo Club of Chung Ling & Leo Club of Penang (City) once again joint organized this project & help out in cleaning the Little Sister of The Poor. It is pure HARD WORK but we did it for a GOOD CAUSE!

11-13 Dec 2009 | Annual Foyi's Children Camp
Our Committee committed the hardest task of their life before 18 which is Taking Care of The Children during the Annual Foyi's Children Camp. Appointed Camp Leader Leo Lim Yong Seng has take up the challenge and get our members, committee & Leo from our Region together to help out during this Camp. The Camp turned out to be a success. Now they learnt how to take care of kids & how to deal with problems such as crying, noise & more.
Additional Photo : Our Auditor Kelvin Seow's Blog
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Part 3

20 Dec 2009 | PCGHS Autocity Charity Concert
Our Committee & Members attended the Concert as soon as the Review Meeting of Leo Camp Ends. The Concert Crown was big or lively, but they did it all for charity! No charges were made to the public who wanted to enjoy the Concert or Passer-by. They also sell some merchant like Original Non-Pirated CD's from International Artist like SHE. They were also selling some other stuff like Christmas Hat, Decorative Items & More. The Concert was Fun & We met Leos from Bagan Sky Omega too. ROAR TO CHARITY!
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21 Dec 2009 | Christmas Celebration With The Old Folks @ Rumah Charis
6 Leo Clubs were jointly organized together and made this Project Regional! The YEs were invited & Leos from CLHS, PCGHS, Union, CDK, HCHS & PG(City) were there & Celebrated Christmas With The Old Folks. We did Caroling, Serving Light Refreshment to them & Played Games With Them!
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21 Dec 2009 | Gathering With The YEs
As Soon As the Christmas Celebration Project Ends, We rushed to Brown House located Opposite 1 Stop. We had great time with the YEs & had fun with the Leos. We interacted with them and learn a few stuff from them like Saying "Hi" In Japanese!
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25-27 Dec 2009 | Christmas Celebration @ Times Square
Soon to be Posted up As Soon As the Information is Confirmed & Verified.
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