Thursday, July 2, 2009

Awards for District 308 B2 08/09

Below is a list of awards that our club had achieve for the fiscal year 2008/2009 under the leadership of Leo Tan Tee Jin and fellow members.

Club Award : -
  • 100% Club Admistrative
  • District Project Leo Idol
  • District Project Enviroment
  • Outstanding Club
  • Oustanding Publicity
  • Outstanding Newsletter
  • Outstanding Membership Growth
  • Outstanding Service Project I
  • Outstanding Service Project II
  • Outstanding Ring Tab Project
  • Outstanding Show Our Cares With Pen
  • Outstanding Blood Donation Project
  • Merit Service Project I
  • Merit Service Project II
Personal Award : -
  • Leo Proficiency Award : See Rong Zhi, Tan Jin Jie
  • Top Treasurer Award : Tan Jin Jie
  • Outstanding President Award : Tan Tee Jin
  • Outstanding Secretary Award : See Rong Zhi
  • Outstanding Treasurer Award : Tan Jin Jie
  • Outstanding Director : Lim Yong Seng, Chun Tze Jun
  • Outstanding Vice President Award : Nicholas Chan Yik Yeou
  • Merit Vice President Award : Ooi Chia Yang
  • Merit Director Award : Ng Tze Yang, Shaun Ong Chen Yang
  • Outstanding Leo : Kwang Min Xiang
  • Merit Leo Award : Tjoek Lim Shang Yi, Jason Ch’ng Wai Seong
  • Merit New Leo Award : Lester Panai Labung, Ng Yu Jun
  • Outstanding New Leo Award : Winston Low Kin Wai
  • District Appreciation Certificate : Allan Tan Kean Yang, Miss Teh Phaik Keow
According to statistics and numbers, the number of awards that we got alone are 10 percent of the total awards recipient in District 308 B2!

Hopefully the number will increase in the new fiscal year. Good luck and roar!

Leo Nicholas Chan
Past Vice President 08/09
BOD Mentor 09/10

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