Saturday, June 20, 2009

Outgoing Vice President Crapping

Hello guys, I started this site like 2 years ago and it had been on and off and on and off. Sorry for not updating it for like half a year and it's going to be active (I think) soon. I have already passed on the whole site to the new incoming, please do take care this site well and don't screw it.

My love for Leo Club is very strong at this moment and sadly, I'm going out very soon. The AGM will be happening in 11 July. For your information, it's 5 days before my birthday and yes my birthday is on the 16th! Haha.

Whatever it is, good luck and I am still here. For the rest of the days in Chung Ling, I am still a member of Leo Club of Chung Ling High School.

For a little fun and to show my love for the Leo Club, I appointed myself as the Immediate Past Vice President (which never had before) and BOD 09/10 Mentor. So do find me and Tee Jin or any past BOD member for any help.

By the way, I am not dying anytime soon. Long live we all. May the force be with we all. Daulat Leo Club. Do send my regards to all in the club. 日已深,就此搁笔。Terima kasih. Sama-sama. I'll be back!

Leo Nicholas Chan
Outgoing First Vice President 08/09

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