Sunday, September 21, 2008

October is Membership Growth Month

Hello members, non-member, students, teacher, friends, family, alien, undefined living objects or anything. I want to tell you guys that the coming month, October is our Leo Club membership growth month.

Let's go around the school, introduce to your friend about Leo Club and invite them to join our team.

It's service, it's charity, it's a team, it's fun, it's nice.

Dear members, we will be giving you guys the registration form in the coming days. Please try your best to bring in as many new members as you can. We want to build a big team. For some of your information, our school CCA registration is on January, but then we will start accepting registration in October and when January comes in the next year, we will help you to register right away.

The privilege of joining now is you get to join our fun activity during the year end holiday.

We got
  • fun camp
  • a lots of gathering
  • visits to places
  • club anniversary party
  • make new friends
  • interesting talks and
  • more.
Come join us and be involved in the fun team of us. I have decided to give out a prize or something to those who bring in the most members. =)

p/s:To Form 1 and 2 members, thanks for coming by today to Li Tek to help out.

Leo Nicholas Chan
First Vice President

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